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Behnaz Shafiei

Behnaz Shafiei was born and raised in Iran. She is a successful Iranian motocross rider, and fights for female sports participation as a human right, leading to gender equality. Her mission is  to develop the sport of motocross in Iran for women and girls.

She is currently the only Iranian woman to hold a motorcycle racing permit – and managed to change the law to allow females to participate in motor racing in Iran. Behnaz is currently trying to get her coaching certificate so that she will be able to coach females in Iran as women are not allowed to train with male coaches.

“Sports have brought me the greatest feelings of happiness, strength and freedom.  I want all Iranian women and girls to experience those feelings, too. It won’t be easy to obtain gender equality in sports or in life. But, I’m prepared to fight full throttle for all the girls and women who don’t have a voice or a platform as I do!”