Hugo Hamlet is a London based multidisciplinary performer known for his extraordinary range of talents. He is a gifted musician and can play the guitar, bass guitar, piano and oboe up to a grade eight with distinction standard. A multi platform performer, Hugo studied performance at the famous Ecole Phillipe Gaulier in France. His interest in performance stems from his childhood where he sang for the Queen as a boy,  as a part of the St George’s choir at Windsor Castle.  Having spent time in Australia and Paris as well as speaking Swedish fluently, his continuing experiences inform his ever expanding repertoire,  and as well as his music career Hugo recently joined the iconic  Cirque du Soleil team. His recent appearances include lead vocals with his group “Voo Le Voo” in “Mary Mary Quite Contrary” at the Cockpit Theatre in London, in a show which explores Witch Craft in the 16th and 17th century. Hugo has also  released “The Beauty of Life” and “Are you a Libra like me?” under his own solo music profile; Hugo Hamlet.