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Steven Meisel

Jacquetta Wheeler

Jacquetta Wheeler is a respected model, photographer and campaigner. Discovered by Mario Testino at the age of 17, she was immediately booked by French Vogue for a cover, and then by Gucci for an iconic advertising campaign. She has also worked with Calvin Klein, Miu Miu, Prada, Gap, L’Oreal, Alexander Wang and Balmain and recently shot with Josh Olins for Jaeger.

Jacquetta is well known for her philanthropic work, actively fund raising in New York and London, where she helped to raise over £250,000 to build a school for girls in Morocco, where she has a family home. She also works with the London based Human Rights charity, Reprieve. In 2010 she ran the London Marathon and raised over £10,000 for HemiHelp, a charity which helps children with Hemiplegia, a condition which causes disability and which affects her sister. Jacquetta has quietly turned her focus to her passion for photography. Her latest project focusses on Ethiopia where she documented the local communities in the Omo Valley, and the rapid decline in tribal life. This was the subject of her first exhibition in April 2014.


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