Not3s is beyond doubt one of the UK’s most charismatic and vibrant young newcomers - having already surpassed 1 million single sales in a year, been shortlisted for the BBC Sound Poll and Mobo Awards, won Best Newcomer at the GRM Awards and seen his recent UK tour sell out in minutes. This past year has seen Not3s playlisted on 1Xtra and Capital FM with his top 20 songs such as ‘Addison Lee’ and ‘Aladdin’ from his debut EP; ‘Take Not3s’, as well as featuring with Mabel on ‘My Lover.’ Hackney born and bred, Not3s’ was encouraged from a young age by his headteacher who noticed his musical flair and encouraged him to turn his passion into a career, by continual support of his writing and a place in the school choir. Originally going under a different name, he decided on Not3s because it had three different meanings to him; notes as in money; notes as in music; and, as he says, notes as in “take note of me.”Not3s’ rapid start to 2018 marked an artist who is truly here to stay. He broke down the door with ‘Addison Lee’ and put his flag in the house, now he’s starting to bring in the furniture – the different themes, stories and motives that define who Not3s is. As he says, all that’s left to do is for the world to ‘Take Not3s’. A modern coming of age story - with millions of streams, sold-out shows, and even his first Top 20 single under his belt - 2019 has seen Not3s make further strides in making this is a reality.