Liv is an award-winning writer, consultant, creative director and curator. She is the founder of gal-dem, a media company committed to spotlighting the creative talents of women and non-binary people of colour. Liv's career spans audio, journalism, TV and film. She has worked in commissioning at the BBC developing and launching a strand spotlighting the history children are not taught in schools. Liv also works with brands both on and off the screen, and holds a unique position, and her voice, opinions and content creation are in demand by leading brands from luxury fashion, lifestyle and technology. She has curated, hosted and fronted projects for brands including Gucci, Vashi, Mulberry, Samsung, Uggs, Bumble, Absolut, Squarespace, Links of London, MAC and Google.Liv has also hosted shows for gal-dem, audible and the BBC, and has been voted as a Future Leader, LGBTQI+ broadcaster of the year; a rising star at WOW, and been included in the inaugural BBC's 100 women series. Liv is obsessed with storytelling and has written for a range of outlets including Feminists Don't Wear Pink, The Guardian, Wonderland and Elle Magazine. She has spoken to audiences of up to 10,000 people and been recognised as one of the top speakers in Britain by the Dots, as well as being included in Forbes '30 Under 30' list. Outside of a work context, she loves all things lifestyle, family and food related.