Lotte Andersen (b.1989) is a British artist working with constructed social interactions, scanned ephemera, sound, video and sculpture to produce installations. Her work forms an investigation into group dynamics, movement within varied contexts, the manipulationof nostalgia, trauma, euphoria and release. Oscillating between investigative, documentary, participatory, and autobiographical; the viewer is often placed within the work, activating it whilst dealing with the implications of their presence. She considerssound and video physical objects in space, working with the idea that echoic (sound) memory is stored for longer periods of time than iconic (visual) memory. Presented individually, the works function like relics, revealing a residue or core in the processof deconstruction, creating a window toward the wider narrative of her practice. Joy is an act of resistance. Recent shows and presentations include; It's not you, it's me. It's complicated (pictured) Nada Miami 2020, presented by Ginsberg Gallery Lima, Peru. Propositions for Alternative Narratives, 2020, public works in Brighton, digital commission and festival in a box, Photoworks, UK. "The Economics of Movement" 2019, with Alonso Leon-Velarde at The Whitechapel Gallery London, UK. "Dance Therapy" 2019, Good Night; Energy Flash at Hyundai Card Storage foundation, Seoul, KR.