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Luisa Le Voguer Couyet

Luisa Le Voguer Couyet is a writer, DJ and artist born and raised in East London. She has written articles for The Guardian, BBC, Hero/Heroine, i-D, Ingenue Magazine and her short stories and poetry have been published by New River Press and New Board. Luisa co-founded Hate Zine with photographer Scarlett Carlos Clarke which recently published its 6th issue on death. Hate Zine has been received well by the press and public, selling copies around the world.

As a DJ, Luisa regularly hosts parties and events and has a monthly residency at the Laylow, called Hate The Haus. She’s DJ’d for AnOther Man, Constellation Magazine and Kodak parties as well as a range of musicians from Cosima to Pumarosa. Her style is an eclectic mix and ranges from Zamrock, Indonesian 80’s pop covers and 60-70s underground disco to indie pop and classic hits.