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Luisa Le Voguer Couyet

Luisa Le Voguer Couyet is a writer, artist and DJ born and raised in East London. She has written articles for The Guardian, BBC, Hero/Heroine, her short stories and poetry have been published by New River Press, Mood board, and her own independent publication, Hate zine. Luisa co-founded Hate with photographer Scarlett Carlos Clarke in September 2015, and has been received well by the press and public; selling copies around the world, a regular online column Hero x Hate, and a radio show - Hate Radio - on Soho Radio. She has taught zine-making workshops at UAL, and is involved in art and magazine projects with children/young people.

Aside from writing and publishing, Luisa has presented news shows for Fair Planet, DJs at events and parties, and is developing a women's talk show. She enjoys sewing, drawing, painting, and is working on a range of handmade t-shirts. She is currently doing her own project, ASS Zine - Awkward Sex Stories - which will be released in 2017.