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Orla Carolin (ORLA) is a 20 year old visual artist living and working in London.

Since graduating from her Foundation Diploma course at Camberwell University of the Arts (sculpture specialism) she has been building her creative portfolio through her work on personal, collaborative and commissioned projects. These span across a huge range of disciplines including Moving image, Painting, Illustration, Graphics, Creative direction, Installation, Performance and Set design. Her work explores themes such as Dystopia / Utopia, translating the emotional into the physical and The human condition.

Her most recent work includes her involvement in Vivienne Westwood's project, Vivienne's creatives - "A collaborative project partnering with 6 conceptual artists and activists who are part of Vivienne Westwood’s Autumn- Winter Army of Freedom Fighters”. The set for ORLA’s shoot which she built in her garden included a shopping trolley which the artist upcycled into a deck chair, a giant handmade rose spurting from spray-painted astroturf and large bleach-painted backdrops bearing her signature font, which she titles “ORLATEXT”. The narrative shoot reinterprets the Westwood ethos “Buy Less, Choose Well, Make it last” into an eco-conscious love story, presenting a young couple (ORLA and her girlfriend) enjoying their garden. In the final shot, titled “Make it last” two older women - casted as the couple future selves, pose in front of a washing line hung with Westwood laundry.