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Sussi is a vehicle for me (Scotty Sussman) to display my art in a very personal way with the performance of it all coming into play. I used to be a painter and visual artist but I would rather it have a breathing vessel to attach itself to rather than a boring old canvas. Its all about the full fantasy; drag is an immersive experience that involves everyone in the room. I don’t consider myself a “drag queen” yet I do drag because I believe in being completely free and limitless when it comes to visual storytelling, I just want to be who I am. Sussi has been shot by such greats as Bruce Webber, Ryan Mcginley and Fabien Baron. Sussi has also worked with Pat McGrath, i-D Magazine, and many more media channels creating quality fantasy content. Aside from being a self portrait artist Scotty also is a costume archivist and costume creator/stylist.

The future of Sussi is balancing the self portrait work with adding in more behind the scenes creative work as a visionary/creative director rather than a model in front of the camera.