Beauty blogger and photographer Emma Hoareau is an industry leader when it comes to knowledge about skincare. Born and raised in Paris and now living in London, she is a Glamour Award winning ‘skinfluencer’, sharing with her audience digestible and helpful skincare tips via her Instagram @emmahoareau and blog ‘Lolita Says So’. With a background in beauty journalism, combined with her beautiful aesthetic, it comes as no surprise that Emma has amassed a dedicated following since first going online in 2009. She is known for her ‘Sunday School’ series on her Instagram Highlights where she discusses a different topic every week, breaking down certain ingredients and products and teaching her audience how to use them. Emma is the ultimate champion for feeling happy in your skin and celebrating the female form. Adverse to the term ‘body positive’, Emma celebrates being a woman by posting body shape shots, which started by publishing her own self portraits. Her photography has an elevated and unique distinction, never filtered or edited. Travel also plays a big part in Emma’s content, documenting her travels and holiday style on her blog and via #LSStravels. In 2020 Emma launched a home and interiors account @theflatupstairs_, sharing her Hackney home renovation journey and interiors inspiration.