Emmanuelle Koffi epitomises contemporary elegance. Having spent her childhood and teenage years between Togo, Senegal and Mali, Emmanuelle quickly developed a connection with a diverse range of cultures within her International schools across Africa. From the influences within her education to holiday visits too, Emmanuelle was immediately enthralled with France, in particular the Parisian lifestyle, people, and of course fashion culture. Therefore after graduating from High School she began Business School for a 5-year programme between Lyon, Cannes, London and Paris.After graduating Emmanuelle wanted to express her vision and interpretation of fashion and lifestyle, so she used Instagram as her initial platform and starting point to develop this concept. Through her way of dressing and eclectic selection of imagery, her aim is to promote the positive influences of fashion and lifestyle. Her Instagram is a considered resource for inspiration and thought, and her effortless sense of style is rapidly becoming the go-to reference point for a dedicated digital audience.