On 8th April 2018, Bridget Thackwray and Topher Richwhite set off from Alaska in their newly acquired Jeep “Gunther”. Their destination is New Zealand, a journey which will take them 3 years, travelling 350,000 kilometres across 7 continents and 70 countries. On Day 1 they created their Instagram account @expeditionearth.live, posted their first picture and started their live GPS tracker; Expedition Earth was born. The New Zealand couple came up with the idea to circumnavigate the world on one of their early dates, and 3 months later the route had been planned and flights booked. The journey has so far taken the pair through the most extreme temperatures and unique landscapes from Alaska to the peninsula of Patagonia and back up through the deserts of Africa. The expedition has been reported in global news outlets including CNN, The Telegraph and MailOnline and since simultaneously amassing a loyal following on their Instagram and website, the pair frequently meet people following their journey in the most remote places. Their Instagram feed is a curation of awe inspiring images taken by one another or on a tripod or drone, whilst their Instagram Stories documents the day to day behind the scenes footage of route planning, visa applications and constant refuelling. Their aim is to not only document breath-taking scenery of the planet’s natural beauty but via their captions share and showcase the environmental fragilities the Earth is facing. They have recently teamed up with National Geographic and World Wildlife Fund to promote environmental issues as well as the teams and organizations that work to resolve them. They are aiming to cross the finish line in December 2020, however there is no doubt this is only the start of Expedition Earth’s adventures.