Not Sucha Model Mum

“Jessica Arora and Caroline Barton - models, mums and best friends - are the dynamic duo behind the blog “Not Such A Model Mum”. Covering fashion, beauty, wellbeing and parenting with friendship at its heart, it is the go to destination for anyone trying to juggle the requirements of a busy life and looking for easy and achievable ways to look and feel great. Having first met in 2003 on the modelling circuit, the pair quickly formed a firm friendship during a midnight run along the streets of Paris and have remained each other’s pillars of support ever since. Whilst navigating the demands of motherhood (they have 5 children under 7 years old between them), their marriages and their careers, they have always had each other to rely on which has evolved them into being “Not Such A Model Mum”. Based in London and Barcelona, through their diverse and motivational content they are steadily growing a dedicated and heavily engaged following and are already working with brands such as Boden, Great Plains.