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Oliver Proudlock

Oliver Proudlock has had a strong creative instinct from a very young age. Focusing on Art and Fashion, creativity is something that is incorporated into his everyday life, and has become part of the fabric that intertwines his projects together. 

Oliver founded the unisex fashion label Serge DeNimes in 2011, a design-led brand which embodies urban culture and artistic flair. Their innovative designs appeal to the young creative culture, the street savvy and the fashion inspired around the world.

Alongside growing his own label, Oliver launched his own style blog called Proudlock Style. His blog gives readers an insight into his own personal style and his favourite brands, whilst working alongside other stylists and influential men with a strong sense of fashion.

Oliver has partnered with numerous fashion houses on projects over the past few years, including a collaboration Oliver Sweeney, BySju and Theo Fennell. He has worked alongside numerous global brands including Diesel, Timberland, Superdry, Armani, Hunter Gatherer, River Island and many more worldwide. Whilst developing his relationship with fashion brands across the world, Oliver also has a keen interest in fitness and travel, which play a key role in his day to day life.



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